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Dmike Tree Fellers are arboriculture and tree surgery specialists serving all major locations in South Africa. Our domestic and commercial services cover all aspects of modern tree care and our company is equipped with the attest industry equipment. By having the right tools available, our tree surgeons can deliver first-class workmanship on all projects with fast turnaround times.


From tree felling and stump grinding to hedge trimming and crown thinning, customers within a large radius of our home have an extensive range of services to choose from and all work is undertaken by qualified staff. Because we work from fully equipped vehicles and arrive on-site prepared for the work ahead, our projects consistently run to time and stay inside agreed budgets.


Tree Surgery

At Dmike Tree Fellers, we undertake tree surgery and arboriculture projects to high standards. Our customers are assured of a safe and responsive service where our workmanship is unconditionally guaranteed. We have the skills and the confidence to deliver on our promises every time we work on your behalf.


Tree Preservation

We takes preservation seriously and we only consider tree felling when we have no other alternative. Wherever possible, we utilise our extensive experience to preserve the life of damaged, diseased or potentially dangerous trees. All work is carried out using safe working practices that protects the welfare of our clients, their properties and members of the general public.


Transplanting is an economically and environmentally ideal alternative to seeding. Transplanting achieves what many are looking to accomplish: increase yields and quality, while decreasing costs, inputs and environmental impact.


Crown Lifting and Crown Reduction

These essential practices are used to maintain the structure of trees, remove excess foliage, eliminate protruding limbs and promote the flow of sunlight to generate fresh foliage growth in the spring. When used as part of a tree maintenance programme, these services help to preserve the life of trees and allow property owners to enjoy their majesty.


Tree Felling and Stump Grinding

Dmike Tree Fellers undertake tree felling and stump grinding for clients in South Africa and throughout our wider trading area. While we are fully conversant with traditional felling techniques, we sometimes encounter projects where bringing the tree down from the base could cause damage to property or other trees. Our arborists use sectional dismantling procedures in all areas where safety is a concern.


Once we have felled a tree, we can reduce the stump to below-ground level using modern stump grinding machinery. Reducing the stump eliminates potential tripping hazards to leave gardens, woodland and forestry in excellent aesthetic condition.


Site Clearances

If you have an overgrown property or land affected by storm damage, our team can perform full site clearances to leave your outdoor spaces prepared for the next level of development or replanting. All dead wood is removed from site and throughout our clearance projects, we pay careful attention to the welfare of wildlife and animal species that are native to the land we work on.

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